It's Time for Kids to Be Their Best

Capstone and Mindprint

Student Approved

Students feel understood and excited to learn how to learn with the tools they need to excel.

Teacher Approved

Teachers, tutors, and educators are equipped with detailed plans to address learning gaps.

Report Card Approved

Educators know how to make improvements because academic gaps are explained.


Most widely used online screener worldwide with objective data on learning strengths and needs.

What To Expect

Mindprint Profle

In the Mindprint Profile, parents and educators will be able to make data-informed decisions for instructional support by identifying and nurturing cognitive strengths and needs.

Personalized Learning Plan

Personalized Learning Plans are customized to the needs of every student based on the assessment findings.  This PLP becomes the map with resources and instruction to unlock every child’s best.

Academic Profile

In the Academic Profile, a student’s inconsistencies between active and predictive performance comes to light.  Parents and educators can then prioritize instructional support and choose from a list of evidence-based strategies.

Unbelievable Price

Single Administration
$ 175

What Parents Are Saying

Capstone For Kids is an academic learning and support center designed to supplement education for the purpose of enriching and advancing the academic position of students.

Capstone For Kids is a division of Capstone Educational Consultants.



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